Lavish Lactic Polishing Powder

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Lavish Lactic Polishing Powder

When you get rid of all the toxic things in your life holding you back, you start to GLO different. The most toxic of all — dead skin that doesn't pay rent. TIME TO GO. Get rid of all the bacteria and dirt trapped within your pores with our gentle dry exfoliator and watch the glo up!

All of these ingredients were carefully formulated together to help with smoothing out texture by decongesting your skin, restoring hydration + mending hyperpigmentation.

Collodial Oatmeal, French Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay, Rice Powder, Powdered Milk, Raw Lavender Flowers

Lavish Lactic Polishing Powder was handcrafted with sensitive, blemish prone skin in mind. With its restoring + gentle properties, it is suitable for all skin types. Lavish Lactic will balance your skin's natural sebum and leave your skin hydrated + glowing.